Monday, March 17, 2014

Technocrat provides for best Placement in Students

Technocrat provides for best Placement in Students:

Technocrat Automation has been actively involved in Student Placements as a value-added service in the Educational Training Program. With the backup of an advanced training curriculum and real time business projects, Technocrat has a very consistent Placement Track Record.

This perpetually works on job openings and maps our student’s profiles for these openings.  Placement activities happen each as associate degree on-campus and off - field event.

The automation coaching is accommodated by continuous assessments and sharing common Interview FAQs. Students are encouraged to proactively participate in Seminars on Interview Handling Skills. Throughout these Seminars, data is shared about specializing in all the aspects of an Interview except Technical Rounds.

This Preliminary Preparation ensures that our Students are ready to handle Interviews with confidence though they're First-Timers. A neighborhood of our successful, continued Placement History has been shared here for our Future Student's Reference.

The Company provides a comprehensive educational environment to individuals and enterprises, offering training i.e., customized to the various needs of the audiences with diverse backgrounds.

India's largest industrial automation training division having 14,000 sq.ft of automation lab space filled up with advanced automation equipments under single roof. 

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meaning of SCADA

Meaning of SCADA:

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) may be a class of software applications programmer for method management, the gathering of information in real time from remote locations so as to regulate instrumentality and conditions. 

SCADA is employed in power plants further as in oil and gas purification, telecommunications, transportation, and water and waste control.

SCADA systems embody hardware and software parts. The hardware gathers and feeds data into a laptop that has SCADA software put in. the PC then processes this knowledge and presents it during a timely manner. SCADA conjointly records and logs all events into a file keep on a tough disk or sends them to a printer. SCADA warns once conditions become hazardous by sounding alarms.


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

PLC Training Courses

PLC Training Courses:

Since majority of the businesses are based mostly within the city, the coaching programs are most acclaimed during this a part of the country because the management here has the attention of the wants of the business in particular.   

The Programming part in the Automobile Industry comprises of the PLC Training that is being provided by these institutions. Engineering students find to get all the industrial knowledge within the institutions.

Technocrat PLC training are the best and the right guidance’s. PLC Courses in Chennai provides best training quality and efficient engineers they are nature in terms of Experience and advice, sharing and communicating their in-good knowledge.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Plc Automation Training – specialties

Plc Automation Training – specialties

This course can facilitate senior likewise as junior Engineers and specially Electronics/Electrical Engineers to understand however it’s programmed in with the assistance of HMI and SCADA and to grasp issues in a very higher thanks to bother shoot the issues effectively and expeditiously.

The course introduces you to the fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and teaches the techniques of writing programs to take care of a large vary of sensible issues. You gain the essential techniques of Ladder Diagram programming through variety of designed sensible exercises and come.

The course uses a comprehensive choice of case studies for example the key ideas with samples of globe operating SCADA and PLC systems  within the context of water, electrical and process industries. This course can is a wonderful networking chance and which can introduce relevant new data and techniques for participants' coming SCADA / PLC comes.

Industrial Automation Training – Professional courses

Industrial Automation Training – Professional courses:

Automation Training develops and delivers customized courses to meet your needs. Automation training is the industrial based training and get the good job opportunities in best way to given. Every period of industrial changes analyzed and training gives to candidates.

The course uses a comprehensive selection of case studies to illustrate the key concepts with examples of real world working industrial automation systems in the context of water, electrical and processing industries.

This course will is an excellent networking opportunity and which will introduce relevant new information and techniques for participants' upcoming Industrial projects. Industrial Automation Training is a professional course of training, so don't miss these automation trainings.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

What are totally different Between PLC SCADA and DCS?

PLC, SCADA, DCS Courses:

PLC could be a (programmable Logic controller) that is employed primarily for interlocking totally different equipments. PLC is the most Important for industrial and process automation control. Programmable Logic Controller skills are useful to the engineering students.

DCS is (Distributed Control Systems) that is employed to regulate terribly massive plants by exploitation easy GUI screens. PLCs area unit interfaced with DCS for interlocking.

SCADA is (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) that are employed to regulate and Monitor tiny variety of Equipments during a field. SCADA systems area unit generally accustomed perform information assortment and management at the higher-up level. Some systems area units are called SCADA despite solely performing arts information acquisition and not management.

The supervisory control system could be a system that's placed on high of a period system to regulate a method that's external to the SCADA system (i.e. a computer, by itself, is not a SCADA system even though it controls its own power consumption and cooling). 

This implies that the system isn't essential to regulate the method in real time, as there's a separate or integrated period machine-driven system that may respond quickly enough to catch up on method changes at intervals the time constants of the method. 

The PLC, SCADA, DCS all Courses provided by Technocrat Automation educational institutes in Chennai, India.