Monday, March 3, 2014

Why SCADA Training?

PLC SCADA is hardware and software based control and monitoring and scada system are more used in the industries. In conjunction with PLC, SCADA works as a supervisor Controller to Monitor and control any Automation Process.

SCADA training covers needs design, networking, communications and security technologies and standards. vital topics like design, provisioning, cyber-security, regulative needs, and also the industry technology framework are mentioned.

The issues and technologies during this category apply to connected industries like utilities and petroleum. The goal of this class it to provide students with the tools to choose and set up, design SCADA technologies for the smart grid and alternative utilities.

PLC or programmable Logic management-supervisory control and information acquisition ar mentioned as these systems smart controls a complete industrial system like a star plant system, wind plant system, oil and gas, Associate in Nursing waste water treatment plant.

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